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The website www.vintagelovers.gr is the online presence of the company of the same name. The term Vintage Lovers or "We" or "Us" refers to the owner of the business, whose headquarters are located in Athens. The term "user" or "You" refers to the user, the visitor of the website.

The present conditions are fully compatible with the current European and Greek law, while the users recognize the right of the company to change the provisions of these conditions, insofar as they do not concern binding legal obligations and without affecting completed situations. The user of the website recognizes that he has read these terms, agrees with them and assumes the obligation to comply with them.

Use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:

  • Vintage Lovers has the discretion to maintain the Website, change its nature and content, discontinue or suspend its operation at any time without notice. Also, the operation of the Website may be interrupted, suspended or hindered either permanently or temporarily due to events beyond our control/influence or regardless of our will. We undertake to make every effort to ensure that the content of the Website will include complete, accurate, clear, valid, informative, current, truthful and non-misleading information. In any case, however, there is no liability, commitment or guarantee of any kind related to the security and the Content of the Website. Website visitors-users accept the possibility of our inability to control all Website Content and our services. In addition, we do not guarantee that the use of the information, data or materials included in the Website Content by users / visitors will not infringe the rights of third parties.
  • The use of the Website by each user is at his sole responsibility. The content of this Website does not constitute and cannot under any circumstances be interpreted as providing advice, directly or indirectly urging users to take any action. The evaluation of the content of this Website is up to each user who assumes responsibility for the use of any part of it.
  • It is pointed out that according to Law 2121/1993 (as amended and in force today), the Berne International Convention (ratified by Law 100/1975) and the relevant provisions on the protection of intellectual property on the internet, it is expressly prohibited in any form copy, modify, interfere, transfer, distribute, resell, rent, republish, reproduce, retransmit in electronic or mechanical form, store, print, create a derivative work, upload (download) by anyone or mislead the public about the real carrier of the Website Content. Products, services, brand, trademarks or distinguishing features of third parties that appear on the Vintage Lovers Website are the intellectual and industrial property of the third parties, who bear the relevant responsibility.
  • On the Vintage Lovers Website, for the convenience and service of users, the practice of referring via "links", hyperlinks or banners to other websites has been followed, for the content, services provided, terms of use, security policy, legality and validity of which, the Company does not guarantee and therefore bears no responsibility whatsoever. Connecting to them is carried out under the individual responsibility of each user. The providers of these Websites have full civil and criminal responsibility for the security, legality and validity of the content of their websites and services. Users' obligations include compliance with the terms of use of these websites. For any problem arising from the use / visit of these websites, users are invited to contact the respective providers.



In order to carry out any transaction through the "Vintage Lovers" online store to place orders for the company's products, the consumer will be asked to provide some personal information. When an order is placed, the customer's full name will be requested, the address to which the products will be shipped, a contact phone number, an email address, and in the event that payment by bank is selected, the credit card details, number, the expiry date of the card as well as the three-digit security code.

This data is processed by the company in accordance with the application of article 7A par. 1 (b) Law 2472/1997, in order to implement the order given by the customer and in no way will they be disclosed, made public or sold to third parties, except if the procedure defined by the legislation for the lifting of confidentiality (Law 2225/1994) is initiated or any obligations arising from the national implementation of Directive 24/2006.

Personal information is disclosed to the relevant bank (e.g. credit card number) and is DELETED from our database, immediately after the completion of each order, thus ensuring an even greater level of security.

A1. The Company makes every reasonable effort to secure the personal data of its users, observing strict security measures. However, users are informed that sending confidential information via e-mail services is not the most secure way of sending, as it involves risks of reading this information by unauthorized third parties.

The Company manages the personal data of its users in accordance with national, community and international law regarding the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data. These terms may change, so Vintage Lovers users are requested to check them periodically.

In the event that users of Vintage Lovers voluntarily provide their personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail address), the Company may collect them in a File and processed for the relevant purpose.

The owner and controller of the personal data it will have in its file for the above purpose will be the company "VINTAGE LOVERS", which is based in Athens Attica, Levidou 16. Kifisia

As long as the user has completed the relevant field and has consented to the sending of informative and promotional material to him for advertising purposes, the Company reserves the right, upon prior notification of the user, to disclose his Personal Data to third parties (Advertising companies) for the purpose of advertising display of the products offered by them and to companies doing market research or other similar activity. How can this information be used?

In the event that the users of the Website voluntarily provide through it any personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail address), Vintage Lovers may collect it in File and process them for the following purposes:

  • Providing the services that users choose through this Website (e.g. making purchases from its online store, participating in contests, using online services).
  • Quality user service and improvement through this information, of the Company's products and services.
  • Update on new products and services as well as existing offers, upon consent of users.
  • Advertising promotion of the Company's products, future communication with users, conducting market research, or in any way remotely promoting the Company's products, upon prior consent of the users.


Users who have disclosed their personal data to the Company have the following Rights:

The right to access the information that concerns them and is in the possession of the Company. Information on: a) All personal data concerning them, as well as their origin, b) The purposes of the processing, the recipients or the categories of recipients, c) The development of the processing for the period of time since the previous update or information of, d) The logic of automated processing, e) as the case may be, the correction, deletion or blocking (locking) of data whose processing is not in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997. The right to object to the processing of the data concerning it. The right to temporary judicial protection. The participants' consent to the collection and processing of their personal – non-sensitive – data can be revoked at any time, without retroactive effect. The Company complies with all its obligations under Law 2472/1997. The user has the right to request at any time to stop sending the informational material.

The right to object is exercised and addressed in writing to the controller and must contain a request for a specific action, such as correction, temporary non-use, blocking, non-transmission or deletion of his personal data. To exercise this right, each user can send an email to the address info@vintagelovers.gr.

If the user himself voluntarily discloses his personal data through Vintage Lovers to third parties directly, it is up to him to proceed if he wishes to research the conditions regarding the protection of his personal data. By disclosing his personal data to third parties, even through Vintage Lovers, the user accepts that the Company is not responsible for their possible use by third parties. In the event that a third party-user discloses another person's personal data through Vintage Lovers without their prior consent, the Company bears no responsibility, as it is unable to know the identity of the notifying user with the existing technological data. The user of Vintage Lovers guarantees the truth and authenticity of the personal data he submits to the Company as well as the right to submit them.

The Company gives users the right to delete their personal data, correct and/or update their personal data and/or deactivate their registration at any time by simply visiting the relevant Vintage Lovers service.


Vintage Lovers collects personal data:

a) when the user subscribes to its services b) when it uses its products and/or services and c) when it visits its pages and/or enters its promotional/advertising programs.
Vintage Lovers uses users' personal data for three general reasons:
• the informative support of its customers / users and the selection of content it offers them, so that it is relevant to their general preferences
• the satisfaction of the requirements of its customers / users regarding the services and products available from and through Vintage Lovers.
• informing them about new service and product offers.
• improving the use of the provided services and content (user experience – buying experience) of Vintage Lovers.
The Company undertakes not to sell, rent or in any way publish and/or communicate the personal data of Vintage Lovers members to any third party. The Company can transfer personal data of its users to third legal and/or natural persons only if (not all conditions apply at the same time):
• Has the express consent of the users for the channeling of personal data.
• The channeling of personal data to legal and/or natural persons who collaborate with Vintage Lovers becomes necessary for the implementation of users' wishes and/or orders. Legal and natural persons cooperating with Vintage Lovers have the right to process the personal data that Vintage Lovers users submit to it only to the extent that it is absolutely necessary to provide support to Vintage Lovers.
• It is mandated due to compliance with the relevant provisions of the law and to the competent authorities alone.


Vintage Lovers makes every effort to ensure the protection of the user's personal information. For this reason, we used the most modern physical and electronic means that protect all the information provided through our website.


Cookies are small files that are sent to the user when he visits a website via computer, mobile or other electronic device and recognize that device in future visits. These files perform several functions. Among other things, they remember the preferences and choices of the user, help to improve the services provided and the content of the website and allow the adaptation of online displayed advertisements and offers to each user. Cookies can be divided into four categories, each of which is briefly presented below:
Strictly Necessary Cookies
These files are necessary so that the website can provide services that the user requests, such as remembering the products that he has added to his shopping cart.
Performance Cookies
The cookies of this category collect anonymous information related to the way each user uses the website. This data is gathered together with the data of other users and helps to improve the way the website works. For example, this category of cookies helps us to understand how customers find, browse and use our website and indicate to us where there is room for improvement, such as browsing, sales experience and advertising campaigns. The data collected by these cookies does not include personal information by which the user can be identified.
Functionality Cookies
These cookies remember user choices such as language or search parameters such as product size, color or line. This information allows the user to enjoy during his visit to our website an experience more compatible with his choices and helps us to make his visits more pleasant. This information is also aggregated with information from other users on an anonymous basis to help improve the operation of the website.
Orientation cookies & Advertising cookies
These cookies collect information about browsing habits in order to create advertisements relevant to the user's interests. They remember the pages the user has visited and the information they have shared with third parties, such as advertisements.
The user can change the browser settings to prevent the storage of cookies on his computer without his express consent. The "help" area of ​​the browser usually provides details on how one can manage the cookie setting.


Vintage Lovers makes every reasonable effort to secure the personal data of the users of this Website by observing strict security measures, which at the discretion of the Company may be changed or modified. However, users are informed that sending confidential information through electronic form services is not the most secure way of sending, as it involves risks of reading this information by unauthorized third parties.

Available payment methods

  • Pay on delivery. Payment of the amount at the time of delivery of the product. Only available in Greece
  • PayPal
  • Bank deposit
  • Credit card

Note: Customers outside the European Union are subject to any financial charges due to exchange rate differences, customs clearance, etc. for which the company bears no responsibility.

*Vintage Lovers bears no responsibility for orders through the illegal appropriation of credit card information by a third party, other than the legal owner, and prohibits such transactions


Consumers have the right to return the products they bought through the website www.vintagelovers.gr within 14 working days from the date of receipt and reserve the right to exchange the returned product for another one of greater value as well as the right to a refund. Changes can also be made in the company's physical stores after telephone approval. In the event that the consumer wishes to return the product he bought online, he can do so by sending his package to the address VINTAGE LOVERS, Levidou 16 Kifisia Athens, 14562. The return fee is borne by the sender, except in the case that the product has been received by the consumer has proven to be defective (with confirmation from the company) or there is an error in the order (e.g. wrong product, wrong color) then the company (VINTAGE LOVERS) will take over the processing of the return, always in consultation with the consumer .


In the event that a rental item is partially or totally damaged by its renter, then the latter undertakes to pay Vintage Lovers 4 times the amount of the rental price as compensation.


If the user considers that any information entered in the company's database is untrue, he can contact Vintage Lovers as soon as possible, at the following email address, so that the company can correct the above information info@vintagelovers.gr

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