Affenzahn Backpack - Large - Neon Frog

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Cute Affenzahn backpack in neon green with dark green details shaped like a frog. At the front there are two eyes in white and black as well as an orange tongue. The tongue is attached with an elastic band, so when you pull on it, a name tag appears. On the feet of the frog there are reflectors. The Affenzahn backpack consists of one large compartment which is opened with a double zipper. Inside the bag is blue and there is an elastic pocket against the back. The front of the head is a flap, which is held in place with an adjustable strap with a click buckle. Under the flap there is a mesh pocket, and in the sides there are two elastic pockets in mesh. At the feet of the frog, there are two nice compartments, which open with a zipper, for various small items. The backpack has a padded back and padded shoulder straps, which are lined in breathable, grey mesh. The shoulder straps are adjustable and they can be clicked together with the practical chest buckle. The frog's hands are fastened with velcro and can be moved to the side pockets or the eyes. This the child will love to play with. The Affenzahn backpack is designed by the team behind ErgoBag, so they have the best possible ergonomic design. In addition, the materials used are as sustainable as possible, and recycled plastic bottles have been used in production. Dimensions: - Height: 31 cm - Width: 20 cm - Depth: 12 cm Made with: - Exterior: 100% polyester - Inside: 100% polyester - Padding 1: 100% polyethylene (PE) Model: Kindergarten Backpack Large, Style: AFZ-NEL-001-014, Colour: Neon Frog

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