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One of the sweetest childhood memories. The fascinating delicacy that drives young and old alike crazy is cotton candy. With the workshop of Scrap Cooking, invite your friends and make it easily at home, taking off your parties and events!

So don't look for it in amusement parks and fairs since you can have your own homemade one. All you have to do is pour sugar into the machine and within minutes you will be enjoying fresh cotton candy.

Tip: If you use the stick horizontally, the cotton wool will get bigger. After a little practice, even your kids (always supervised) will be able to enjoy fresh and delicious cotton candy on their own!


1 machine
1 measuring spoon
6 wooden sticks
1 bag with caramel powder (100g) and 2 gift bags X 160g gift (Each bag is enough for about 12 pieces)

Power: 500W

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